Power Leads Pro Review

Below is my personal and honest review of Power Leads Pro as an actual user.  Yes, I have bought this software and I actually USE it personally.

The sad thing in the online world is that there is a LOT of hype.  So much of what is offered sounds too good to be true – and unfortunately the too good isn’t true at all.  Expectations are not met, disappointment abounds.

I actually have found a software that lives up to the hype and while “too good” IS actually true as well.

Power Leads Pro is some of the coolest software I’ve ever used.  I’ve been using it since the end of 2010 and I still am amazed by how freaking awesome it is.  And it continues to get better.

The thing is, Matthew the creator of PLP, is constantly updating it.  Admittedly, having to constantly update the software on your computer can be a bit annoying, but it is definitely worth the minor inconvenience.

The software is really versatile as well.  The limits as to what you can use it for are only checked by your imagination.  Probably the most popular use is to find the information to contact local businesses for doing SEO work (or other marketing services).  If you are looking for businesses to contact, Power Leads Pro is the best software for it.  And like said it’s even better than when I started with it.  At first, I could get the name of the company, address, phone and email (if available) and website (if they had one) and then email FROM the software.  (And yes, there’s the ability to customize each email with tokens – or you can do a more form letter that doesn’t need to be customized at all.)

NOW with PLP you have the option to analyze websites – find out where they are ranking for keywords, if they have Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In other words, it’s all done within the software so you don’t have to then physically go to a prospect’s website to gather this information.  Yes, now you can also use tokens for the website information you have to make each email really custom – again without having to do all of this manually for each individual prospect.

Power Leads ProThe thing about Power Leads Pro to be really aware of is that it isn’t doing anything you couldn’t do yourself.  The beauty of the software is that it does it FOR you.  For you to gather all the information on all the leads for an industry in a couple of cities (remember you can get indepth website analysis too) could take you a few days.  Hours upon hours at the very least.  Instead if you use PLP you set it and forget it and just let it run.  You can still use your computer for other things.

Heck, you can SCHEDULE tasks in Power Lead Pro.  For example, you can schedule when a search is run and it will also immediately follow up and send out the emails if you set it up that way.  So if you have a job or just other things to do, then Power Leads Pro can be working for you even when you’re not around.  (Disclaimer:  Your computer must be on and the software running for this to work.)

Ok, so I’ve talked a lot about finding businesses as prospects.  But that’s not the only way to use Power Leads Pro.  One very cool aspect is that it allows you to get information and LEADS from some of the more popular classified ad sites (such as Craigslist).  You can then use these leads to offer related services or products to.  Or make available to them CPA offers.  Again, it’s only your imagination that limits what you can use Power Leads Pro for.

There’s also options for finding individuals but to be honest, that’s not a feature I’ve tested and used myself as that’s not my area of interest.  (I like reaching out to businesses.)

Power Leads Pro isn’t necessarily a miracle and bring you money and riches out of thin air.  You do actually have to come up with compelling “copy”.  Your emails (or letters – yes, you can print out letters with the addresses and everything if you want to go with snail mail) need to be compelling.  So there are some additional skills you need to be successful (copywriting and persistence are really it.)

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be the best writer or copywriter out there.  And with so many leads available to you by using PLP you can test and test and just keep trying.  If nothing else, the sheer volume of people and prospects you can reach means if you contact enough prospects some will buy.  It’s a numbers game.

Before I wrap up, let me say that not only have I had success with the software (I made my money back plus some when someone that I’d emailed through Power Leads Pro purchased something from me), I also have had a great experience with Matthew.  When I first set up the software I made a mistake and wasn’t setting up my emails correctly.  I got to chat with Matthew via Skype and he fixed it for me asap.

Since Power Leads Pro has grown, I don’t know if that one on one support from Matthew will be feasible – but he does have a great helpdesk so it’s not just him available to help if you have set up issues.

Oh, and I almost forget – there is an indepth users manual and a free forum that is a goldmine of tips and help for whenever you may run into issues.

Finally, I recently told Matthew (Disclaimer:  If you’re easily offended, don’t read this!) that I had a “boner” for his software – and I’m a female!  That’s how awesome and exciting I find Power Leads Pro.

So that is my very honest and personal review of Power Leads Pro.  It’s a great software that will save you an enormous amount of time.   By itself it won’t make you money – you do have to put some of your own effort into it – but it just makes it soooo much easier!  If you’ve spent anytime manually getting prospects, you’ll be a true believer after using the software once.

There are three versions of the software at different price points.  It’s not the most inexpensive software out there – but it has the most features and it is a ONE time payment, rather than monthly or annually.   Also you get free access to any updates and the forum.  For the time and money it would save you and all the features you get, the best option would be to go with Power Leads Pro Suite.  If you outsource, you can save that money by using Power Leads Pro.

Ok, enough rambling about Power Leads Pro by me.  Click here for more information and videos with how to use it and its full features.

Go now to:  http://powerleadsproreview.solrr.com/plp

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